My Life As a Teenage Pansexual, Pangender, Zoosexual, Omicron Masochist

About Me

Hello all! I’m Romeo Raccoon – a high school boy named Benji by day and a Pansexual, Pangender, Zoosexual Masochist by night.

I am the founder of Zoosexuals for Interspecies Marriage It's a group that seeks sexual and marital rights between species. Love is love is love!

I wanted to tell you about myself and get you interested in the show I’m doing at Sparrows called Zoo Talk. It’s geared towards teen Zoobs, but everyone is welcome. I do wear an animal mask in my streams and videos to disguise my real identity. You guys know how that works and the reasons for it. Sometimes I wear my full raccoon gear, but it gets in the way of what I do and muffles the sound. My half-mask works better.


I’m a Pooh acolyte and was knotted by an Akita named Copper to be initiated. I’ve performed oral sex on two types of animals too, which qualified me for the Zoob union, but I wanted to go all the way and have my anal zoo cherry taken by a dog. 

I lost my humie cherry to my great-uncle a bit back. He and his partner participated in the acolyte ceremony, as my parents are being kept in the dark about this part of my life. Unca and his husband are gay and I’ve been messing around with them for a couple of years. When I told them what I wanted to do, they were 100% supportive and helped arrange the knotting for me. Having their support meant everything in the world to me. 

Unca gave me the nickname Romeo, when we started having sex, so I combined it with my love for raccoons and came up with Romeo Raccoon for my zoo porn name. 

I have a dream of being the most popular performer in gay bestiality porn and live zoo performances one day, so help me get there, please. People like Pooh are helping take zoo to a new level and we all get to ride the wave together. 

Losing My Zoo Cherry

Copper being an Akita is a pretty big dog. He weighs over a hundred pounds and has a huge cock that drops out of his sheath really fast. It’s seven-inches long and quite fat. That’s bigger than my great-uncle’s and his husband’s cocks, but Unca uses bigger dildos on me than that. The head and knot are red and the shaft in between is a light violet. From the head it narrows down towards the knot. I thought it a beautiful piece of dog dick. I was scared at first, but once I saw that pretty dick of Copper’s I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth and ass.

My great-uncle got the privilege of holding Copper’s cock, while I sucked it and later guiding the dick into my hole. My mouth was full of dog cum from the suck job and I got to snowball it with Unca before I got bred. The cum – lots of it mind you – tasted like salty COPPER. I found out later that’s why he got named Copper. 

I’ve a cell phone video of the ceremony that I hope you watch. There’s also the video of me sucking him off before we screw. You’ll notice I’m really digging that red-tipped cock of his; coppery canine cum dripping out of my mouth and all.   

Gawd, that knot was huge!


Now don’t tease me, because I cried taking Copper’s big dog knot. You’ll notice in the video that I didn’t make Copper stop and we were tied butt-to-butt for 19 minutes after 14 minutes of his franticly humping and fucking me. Give me kudos for that! 

I do have good vid of his regular knot, but not of how big it actually swelled when he was forcing it in to lock up my hole. You can’t see it from the camera angle, as the rest of his cock is already buried in my butt, but Copper’s knot doubled in size when he started pushing it into me. We just can’t figure out how to get the biggie size knot on video. 

It growing that big is why it hurt so bad. Once it was in for a few minutes on the other side of my sphincter I got used to it and relaxed enough to enjoy his seeding me. We let things go naturally from there, so by the time the knot started shrinking Copper was able to pull it out without hurting me. 

Personal Best Knotting

Thankfully, it’s gotten a lot easier since the first time and my last knot lasted 27 minutes with Copper splooging my bottom with his puppy makers the entire time. Before we tied we had a 36-minute suck/fuck marathon. The Akita would screw me for a few minutes, dismount, run around at which point I’d pull him to me and suck on his cock, then he’d run back and hop on my butt again. That happened six times. I was loving every minute of it. He really likes when I suck his dog dick now. 

Yeah, Copper and I are getting it on semi-regularly now. I’m his bitch. Unca picks him up from a friend of his and brings Copper over for the weekends I’m visiting! But he has to be locked out of the bedroom, when I’m playing with the men, as he gets really jealous when they’re fucking me. I wanted to try sucking on my great-uncle’s cock, while Copper butt fucked me, but that dog is not having it. The first time he didn’t have a problem with my two guys around – Unca even held his cock for me – but now it’s like GO AWAY OR GET BIT!

Benji's Butt Bandit

I consider raccoons my spirit animal and have lusted over them since I was thirteen after watching some YouTube videos and seeing their hard-curved dicks. Something clicked and hooked me to where I started obsessing with being bred by a raccoon. 

I’ve a male kit now, a juvenile raccoon, that I’m hand raising to be my mate one day. I call him Three Bees. The secret to his name is that it’s code for Benji’s Butt Bandit. He’s very playful, adorable, and cuddly.

I consider the two of us engaged right now and when we first mate I will consider us married.

I’m going to be a Three Bees’ sow and he’s going to be my boar, when he becomes mating ready. I can’t wait for him to mount me. He’s already used to deep mouth kissing and me licking at his 2 ½” little dick. It’s growing nicely! My coon stud will get have a five or six-inch dick one day. 

He should get to be about fifty pounds and a little over two feet long. In captivity my boar should live a good ten to fifteen years. He comes from a bloodline that hasn’t been in the wild in six generations, so Three Bees is as civilized as he’s going to get. 

He’ll be mating me from behind, so I’ve already started practicing the positions that I think will work best for our different sizes. There’s normally a mating season for raccoons, but older zoos with experience tell me that with Three Bees being a boy and socializing with me so young in life, I should have a year-round lover. Plus, I’ll be the only sow he has access to.  

Marking His Territory


Some other things I’ve been doing to prepare for our honeymoon night is I rub my finger on Three Bees’ musk gland and then all over and around my anus almost every day. I want him to mark my ass as his territory, so other raccoons will know I belong to him. It’s more for my mind though than anything. It’s not like I’m going to be giving it up to all the raccoons in the woods. I just like the idea of being Three Bees’ marked territory.  

Besides using his gland to mark me as his territory, I also put Three Bees’ face between my butt cheeks so he gets used to my own scent. He’s got to where he’s begun licking my butthole which is a huge turn on.


Another big reveal about me is something so rare I may be one of the only ones in the world doing it. I’m hoping to get some of you involved in it, so we can have a club.

I’ve a very unique animal sex fetish in that I perform oral and anal sex with real and replica baculums. If you don’t know what that is, let me fill you in. Some mammals, like raccoons, have actual bones in their penises – penile bones. I’m attracted to that. Big time attracted to that!

I’ve been able to collect thirty-two baculums in the last year and have had sex with every one of them. Most are real, but there are a few replicas. I’ve got eleven raccoon baculums ranging in size from 2” to 5.5”. The bigger one I use for my ass, as I masturbate. I have to be careful with the curve though since there’s no meat around it to soften it. 

I also have the baculums of a skunk, several dogs, a coyote, a red fox, bears, badgers, a beaver, rats, a wolverine, and a harp seal. The harp seal is the best one I have found for anal penetration. The one I have is 8 1/2 inches of which I get about six inches into me and still have the base to hold on to. 

The rat one I do something queerly naughty with at dinner. I use it as a toothpick. My mom and step-dad have no idea I’m sitting at the table with a rat cock in my mouth. I’ve also got a five-inch raccoon one I carry around all the time for luck and fun. I will sit around in school chewing on it like the other kids are doing with their pencils. I do it in public too. 

I’m trying to start a trend with that. 

Baculum necklaces would make a great way to identify ourselves to each other. I know what ALL the penile bones look like and what animal they belong to, so I’d even know the type of beast you prefer. At least the ones with baculums anyway. 

Play Me Like a Harp Seal

Most nights I suck on Three Bees, while fucking myself with a harp seal cock. It’s really awesome how good it feels! The way a harp seal baculum is shaped makes it pretty easy to use. You don’t have to worry about sharp edges or curves. 

I got most of my baculums straight off Amazon on the cheapo. They’re about 8 – 15 bucks each. You can do that too. It’s a discreet way to do zoo without any embarrassing animal sex toys to be found under your mattress. Most people don’t know what they are, so I have all mine laid out on a shelf next to my bunks. 

If you watch my Sunday show you get to see me performing oral sex on a real dog and Three Bees. The videos will be posted in my archives too. Plus, I use my baculums of course. I also strip and masturbate at some point during the show. But you’re going to learn a lot about zoo sex too. A big thing for me is talking to other teens about zoo. There’s more of us then you think and it’s starting to be trendy.

We’re like a family that has to watch out and be there for each other. I’m so glad our numbers are growing. 

Zoo is in, dudes!