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Barbaros joins 'Zoo Talk' as Romeo's show Alpha.

I previously mentioned I'd be bringing on an Alpha to make me his bitch during the show and I've found an awesome one. Everyone say "Hello, Sir!" to Barbaros, a 26-yr-old Turk that loves to abuse teenboy ass and dominant them into submission. This brings 'Zoo Talk' to a new level and allows us to provide even more hot action on the set for you. We've been "rehearsing" and I'll tell you this Turk ain't gentle.



Momma Salina is a very hot K9 Bitch. You can check out her doggie vids. Wow, can she please some red rockets! She also has another fetish. Salina likes her little "sons" to masturbate, while watching her play with her pussy. That's right boys, she will get you on cam and have you shooting those schoolboy loads for Momma in no time. That pussy is sweet and pink too. My Alpha made me eat her out  during the show after a dog fucked her and filled her up with canine cum. Soooo hot and yummy!

Momma Salina would love to show off her wet snatch for you soon.  

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Oh Romeo

Romeo Raccoon is a teen Pansexual, Pangender, Zoosexual, Omicron Masochist with zero boundaries that is challenging morals, laws, norms, and thinking with his revolutionary interpretation of bestiality as a higher plain and enlightenment and a natural step up in evolution. 

The teenboy is an intellectual, a philosopher, an activist, and a rising star in all things Zoo. He currently disguises his identity and location for personal security reasons and any legal issues that may rise from his involvement in bestiality, incest, and the zoo porn industry.

As a boy he developed a primary sexual attraction towards raccoons and is presently engaged to one named Three Bees. His other sexual pursuits include a Dom/Sub relationship with his Alpha great-uncle, a sexual predator who raped him when he was fifteen, and a hung Akita named Copper.

His acceptance of being violently sexually assaulted and his subsequent decision to forgive his rapist and pursue further sex with him is stirring up controversy even within the Zoo Community. Romeo’s philosophy about the role of Alphas and Subordinates in society contributed to his decision to find the man who had assaulted him and under himself sexually whenever the man desires. The boy believes firmly in the concept “To the victor goes the spoils.”

He finds rape to be an intoxicating fantasy and is a firm believer in non-consensual sex. If you want a piece of his ass, you don’t ask…you take. Romeo will resist at first, but if you overpower him he will surrender and become your obedient bitch.

His other interests include collecting and using the penile bones of various mammals and engaging his therapist in heated debates about his passions.  

'Zoo Talk' Webshow Host

Romeo Raccoon hosts 'Zoo Talk' every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern on SPARROWS. Membership is required to view the show and archived  bestiality videos he's produced.

Zoo Porn Artist

Romeo has been filmed in numerous human and animal sex acts. All are available to view on SPARROWS, but you can watch some performances here on his personal website. 

Teen Activist

Romeo is founder of the civil rights organization known as Zoosexuals for Interspecies Marriage where he promotes  marriage equality between all species.